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Let these stones be a witness to what we have done here this day.


Here are a list of posts about our serving the people of Vietnam:


The Project

The Travel

San Sa Ho Day One – Hard Labor


Hot Pot


Vietnam 2009

Vietnam 2009: Orphanages

Vietnam 2009: Education

Vietnam 2009: School Engagement

Vietnam 2009: Gone, Baby, Gone

Vietnam 2009: LAX layover

Vietnam 2009: TaiPei layover

Vietnam 2009: In Hanoi

Vietnam 2009: Sapa

Vietnam 2009: Wednesday in Hanoi

Vietnam 2009: San Sa Ho

Vietnam 2009: At the Forefront

Vietnam 2009: Lao Chai School

Vietnam 2009: Lao Cai City and the Night Train

Vietnam 2009: The Visiting Professor

Vietnam 2009: Favorite Things

Vietnam 2009: Reintegration

Vietnam 2009: Lessons Learned


Photoblog of Vietnam March 2008 or  Flickr set of the same pics

Vietnam on God’s Heart

Vietnam: The front door

Vietnam: Microfinance

Vietnam: Wake Up Call

Packing and Prayer

Travel Tips Video

We’re here

Vietnam Update

Friday wrap up

Good Morning, Vietnam

Crossing the Street

Super Saturday

The night train to Sapa

Picking up: Sapa, City in the Clouds

The Red Dao Village

Ta Phin School

Home Again

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