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Institutional v. Missional Church: Sad Realization

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I really had not intention of starting up the IVM dialog again, but I found this video and it soooooo rocks what I’ve been saying about it.

It’s a total rip off of the PC v. Mac commercials, but it’s good.  And short.  Enjoy.

From restoration to missional engagement

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The story of Captain Rider:

David Rider from The Austin Stone on Vimeo.

What is it to be a church for the city?

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Dangerous Bungee Jump

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Sometimes thrill seekers get more than they bargained for, you know?

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  • Published: Feb 5th, 2009
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I love Jesus, but I drink a little…

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This is a total rip off (title and everything) from David Phillips, but I just couldn’t help it.

Missional means going… How far would you go?

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Funny Video: You Thought You Were A Bad Dancer

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Seriously, these must be the worst dancers you have EVER seen.

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  • Published: Jan 24th, 2009
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Funny Preacher Video for the Weekend

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I’ve had some bad experiences in the pulpit – I even preached a Disciple Now Rally with my fly down – but this one has never happened to me.  Yet.

Lord, I beg of You, great and awesome Father, PLEASE don’t let this ever happen to me!

Feel free to share your embarassing moment in the comments.  Anybody brave enough?

Great Missional Conversation between Stetzer and Fitch

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These guys are answering the question, “What is Missional?”

Addressed early is the “junk drawer” way that most people throw things they think the church ought to be doing into the “Missional” category.

Also addressed in a GREAT way are the attractional part of the church that is good and evangelism and conversion in the Missional church that has pushed back from instant conversion thing.

At the end of the video, some pretty “evangelical” statements are made by Fitch regarding the social engagement of the church that are striking.  It is not “OK” just to seek justice for the downcast, for “there is no justice without Jesus.”

Good stuff.

Ed Stetzer & David Fitch – a missional conversation from Missional Tribe on Vimeo.

PS.  Looking good Ed.  Keep up the Eliptical!  You’re doing great.

Pastor Breaks Pulpit Video

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Otherwise known as Marty Duren before the barstool.  :)

I think he handles it well.

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