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  • Published: May 17th, 2008
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Better Blogging: NextGen Picture Gallery

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This is a post of a few more artistic images that I took at Bonnie’s Graduation, but it is using the the NextGen Gallery plugin, with which I am experimenting. It is highly rated, but this is my first time using it, so I’ll have to write again later to let you know how it is.

Also, it came with slideshow and gallery link widgets to put in the sidebars, but I’ve opted not to include them in order to keep the load time down.

‘Nuff talk. Here’s the gallery:


Well, I couldn’t resist the slideshow widget, which is not a very big load and doesn’t slow the rest of the site down. I really like the plugin. It is highly configurable and works tons better than the gallery that comes with WordPress 2.5. The slideshow will continue to pick up all photos I put up from now on. 5 Stars.

Simple Blog

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Think Thom Rainer’s book Simple Church only applies to church? Apparently not.

I’ve been wanting to blog about our upcoming Mission Trip to Vietnam and the Hmong (the “h” is silent) church that we host in our church facility. The Hmong people group is one of the primary people groups among whom we will be ministering in Vietnam and our relationship with them here is just chockerbock full of God stuff.

That will have to wait for several reasons. I want to give it the time it deserves, I want to post a Phriday foto tomorrow and I have to post quickly now.

So why has it waited all this week? What does this have to do with Simple Church?

Well, it seems that I had installed a plugin to my WordPress powered blog here called, “Bad Behavior.” This plugin helps keep spammers off of your sight by adding them to a blacklist when they try to spam your blog. All of a sudden, this script was running on anyone who tried to login to the administration page – me, the tech support guy at Bluehost (my hosting service) and even David Phillips was stuck. For a half a day, anyway, until he got to a computer and figured out the problem.

What we did was remove the plugin all together and – tada – 12 Witnesses is back in business. Yea.

While I was in Jackson for the Baptist Identity Conference, I had one script go crazy and start running up my load on the server, which caused the server to shut my blog down in order that I might not overload, crash or just not take more than my fair share of, the server resources.

In discussing the issue, I determined that I should go through and clean out a lot of the plugins that I have in my system. I don’t use quite a few of them and even more aren’t necessary.

Bottom line: The more scripts you have running in the background of your blog, the more likely you are to grind to a halt because something goes wrong or your resources become consumed and you are unable to perform the functions for which you were designed. Therefore, over the weekend I will be deleting all but the most necessary plugins that I have.

Simple Church? Simple blog.

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