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Here are a couple of links to free things on the internet that can help you.

You Send It – This is a site that will allow you to upload large files that you can’t send through email.  The free version will give you one file at a time at 100 MB.  If you pay, you can upload many files at a time and at larger capacities.

Stockvault – This is a website with free stock photos that you might use as power point sermon illustrations, etc.

Hope you like them.

Link Load 04-18-08


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In this edition, a tool to keep your hands clean, a little girl’s power sander, 1950’s documentary of a dream trip to Disneyland (MUST WATCH), the most expensive bottled water (you thought gasoline was getting expensive…), writing 200,000 books ain’t that hard, ballroom dancing with dogs (not kidding), pachyderm painting, serious paintballers only, efficient freezer baggage, subdivision affordability with transportation factored in, table top biosphere, re-packaging your computer into a teddy bear, the new source of antibiotics: alligator blood (not kidding) and, finally, this week’s sign that the end is near: Mommy 2.0.

The HandlerThe Handler

This handy pocket tool/key chain keeps your hands off of filthy things, and has antibacterial coating as well. Germaphobes, this is for you!

The outrageous hello kitty Power sander

Well, it is what it says it is. A Hello Kitty power sander. Yikes.

Disneyland Dream

You’ve got to go watch this real live piece of Americana from the 1950’s. This Connecticut family documents the winning of a contest to go to the newly opened Disneyland in California. Fringe coats, different hats for the different areas of the park and a neighborhood tickertape parade to send them off in style.

Most Expensive Bottled Water

Need to drink water from a glacier? I hope you have some coin… Apparently this is all the rage among people with more money than sense.

LINK BY LINK; He Wrote 200,000 Books (but Computers Did Some of the Work)

Got writer’s block? Maybe you can borrow this guys computer program which will fill in the pieces for you after you give it the necessary information.

Dance, doggie, dance

No kidding, Youtube video of a dance with dogs as the partners. No kidding. Did I tell you I wasn’t kidding?

Elephant Painting

Youtube. Fascinating.

Paintball Turrett

Need to defend your fort? Watch your back while you snipe the enemy? You may be a little to serious about paintball, but this will help you do it. It is automatic.

Speed tip: Make individual portions in freezer bags

Freezer bag efficiency. This is actually a good idea.

How affordable is that subdivision?

Affordability Index

This set of links is to a story and tool, respectively, that will help you figure out what the real cost of a subdivision is when you factor in the cost of skyrocketing gasoline. If your city is like mine, the cheaper subdivisions are a long way away – and that means driving. How expensive is your home if you have to drive 25 miles to the office and then another 25 to get home?

Make your own Biosphere

For your desk as a conversation piece. Complete with shrimp and other fun, living things. Once you seal it, you never have to open it again.

Programmers, DIY Types Embrace Soft, Hackable Chumby

This computer is made to be taken apart and rehoused in whatever you want to put it in. Like a teddy bear.

Antibiotic Alligator: Promising proteins lurk in reptile blood

Thought that diseases were outsmarting our overuse of antibiotics? Apparently, there is a whole new reservoir of bacterial resistant proteins in the blood of alligators.

My Beautiful MommyMommy 2.0

This week’s sign that the end is near: A book that helps moms explain to kids why they are going to get plastic surgery.

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Link Load 04-11-08


canned cheeseburgerIn this issue: canned fast food, street shoot outs in the (suburban) hood, killer dolls (does Chuckie live?), interesting vids, spyglasses, you have to keep your junk mail, how to dial a phone, 3D Google Earth, High Tech ahead of its time, Wal-Mart exposed and a nice but not too bright dog.

Just in case of nuclear war, and you need a fast food fix: The Canned Cheeseburger

Apparently, Orange County Florida is the Wild West. (extra gooey: it happened as a guy dropped his kids off at school)

Could Elmo be possessed? Kid’s doll is making death threats

You just gotta see what Adie Russell does with historical recordings.

Think Geek has some sunglasses that are also a 1.3 mega pixel camera. (extra gooey: they also have built in ear buds so you can still catch your tunes – could be used with the laderhosen. hmmm.)

If UMG sends you a promotional cd that you didn’t want or ask to receive and you throw it away, they claim you are breaking Federal Copyright Laws.

If you think my tech talks are rudimentary, wait until you see the ones your parents got.

Did you know you can “Flickrize” Google Earth?

Check out the working “Difference Engine” – a design for a massive mechanical calculator that was WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY before its time and never built by it’s designer. (A bit of a modern day DaVinci, it would seem.)

Mad at Wal-Mart for ruining the small town economy? Get your pennies together and share with your neighbors to buy their candid closed door meeting videos at about $250/hour plus fees for research and copies of pertinent video. (extra gooey: one vid has Sam Walton telling the Board of Directors that there were not enough women in management, circa 1988) [No wonder the IMBOT doesn’t want their meetings recorded – Art]

Finally, if you’ve had a long week, take solace in the fact that you are smarter than this dog:

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