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  • Published: Nov 17th, 2010
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Nutrition prof sheds 27 pounds on Twinkie diet – Chicago Tribune

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Having yo-yo’ed my weight over the last four years in an attempt to get back into shape, I found this article very interesting.

Nutrition prof sheds 27 pounds on Twinkie diet – Chicago Tribune.

A few things to note:

  • The professor isn’t recommending this diet, just observing the effects of calorie reduction.
  • Not only did he lose weight, but his body chemistry (LDL, HDL, Triglycerides) all improved on the junk food.
  • Exercise wasn’t mentioned.  It’s all about the intake of calories.

I’m sure the professor would encourage exercise as a part of everyone’s overall health.  It’s just that he studies nutrition, so that’s what he measured and reported.

The bottom line, though… Stop eating so much.

Where’d I put those Twinkies?

Phriday foto 04-18-08/Better Blogging: WordPress 2.5 Media Upload

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Be on the lookout for a massive Link Load coming today and if you like these fotos, you can see more on my Photoblog.

Wordpress LogoToday I am combining several things into one mighty Phriday foto: My tech series on blogging and WordPress, my pictures, my trip to Vietnam and a tribute to Joe Kennedy, whose photography I love – especially the pictures of food. No. Not because its food and I’m fat. Because of the texture, perspectives and colors.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

So, I am uploading these pictures, after compressing them with Faststone freeware image viewer as mentioned in Better Blogging: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), with WordPress 2.5 media uploader. The media uploader was giving me some problems, but David Phillips helped me to to install the Flexible Upload plugin and that has settled it down. It only works on pictures though, but if I were uploading video or audio (the other options) I would use Podpress, so I don’t need it for anything else. *Note to David, who is very busy – I’m not tinkering. I promise.

One of the options of the Media Uploader is that you can insert several images and it will create thumbnails and an intermediate picture. The other option, on display here today, is the insert gallery function, which will create a gallery of thumbnails through which you can navigate, like a mini-photoblog on your post.

Rather than give you the rundown myself on how to do it, I’ll link to Matt Mullenweg, a fellow Houstonian living elsewhere in the world (California, where there is no decent BBQ), telling you all about WordPress 2.5 media upload at WordPress.org. PS – Matt is one of the first ever bloggers and is (one of) the creator(s) of WordPress, which is to say, he’s had some help, but he is the primary cause of its existence. He might know what he’s talking about.

So here it is a picture gallery of food from Vietnam, created in WordPress 2.5: (click on a thumbnail for the full size picture)

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