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A busy week, with some questions

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We have a lot of appointments this week.

Today, I have to take some forms down to my employer. These are the last of the insurance forms (so far as I know). I also have an eye appointment because I broke my glasses and don’t want to fool with contacts right now.

And I have a squeeze in appointment with the surgeon this afternoon to see about placing a port and a feeding tube.

If the Lord is willing, chemo will start this week. It seems that the Oncologist has pulled some strings to make that happen and we will do our part also. If everything else falls into place, Wednesday is the day we begin chemo.

But I need that port placed to access the chemo. So, I meet with the overbooked surgeon who is working with the oncologist to move me up in the schedule so I can get started. If he can get me in on Tuesday to place the port, chemo starts Wednesday.

If not, PET scans (high definition scan to search my whole body for cancer) will happen Tuesday and the surgery will likely happen Friday. PET scans will be rescheduled after surgery and chemo take priority.

Answered Prayer
I’ve been so grateful for the answered prayers in the areas of nutrition, hydration, and pain management. All have greatly improved. The banana, peanut butter, 2% milk, cocoa powder (I’ve switched from syrup) has become a standard breakfast for me and one to which I look forward. I’ve only lost a pound in the last 4 days, and that is, frankly, winning. If I ever put a pound on, I might lose my mind. I’ll be sure to let you know.

Also, your words of encouragement are such blessings. Emails, texts, messages with memories of life and ministry together are so encouraging. I’m sorry I can’t answer each one individually. I read each one. I promise.

How you can pray

    • Pray for wisdom as we wade through the unanswered questions of this week.
    • Pray for God to make a way for us to start chemo quickly.
    • Pray for the treatments applied to me will be effective in combatting the cancer.
    • Pray for courage and that we would be without fear in the face of so many unknowns.
    • Pray for our finances to meet the many unexpected expenses that are cropping up.

Thank you in advance for your prayers!

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