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CT Scans and Plans

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This series of posts originally was a series of emails sent to a prayer list. For the ease of those praying for me being able to go back and reread the journey, I’ve begun to convert the emails to blog posts, since I had this old blog laying around anyway.

First things first

I know that this is the second email in two days. I promise not to flood your inbox with daily details, but some big things happened today and they have opened the door to prayer needs.

On the other hand, please look for updates here. I have received massive amounts of encouragement, for which I am grateful. Still, I can’t answer every text, call, and request for information. Know that I love each and every one of you and would gladly spend an hour talking with you about the ins and outs of what is going on, but I just can’t. I don’t have the time and I don’t have the energy. I have been absolutely flooded with texts, fb messages, and phone calls. I am so grateful for your love for me. Please don’t feel snubbed if I don’t respond or am quick in my response. I am just trying to focus on what I must right now.

CT Scans
My Gastroenterologist has been very proactive. Aggressive, in fact, he has ordered scans, made referrals, offered support and advice long after he has billed me for his last procedure. As a result I had a CT scan scheduled for this morning by the time he hit the office on Monday after he had finished his procedures for the day and before he received the pathology report.

The CT scan was done early in the morning which allowed for the radiologist to read it in house and get a report to my doctor this afternoon. He called me just after he received and read it.

The news is not good, but not as bad as it could be. The tumor is on the inside and outside of my stomach. It is close to, but not yet invading my pancreas (which is very dangerous ground). There are lymph nodes that seem to be involved around the tumor. There are some spots on my liver that may or may not be related to the cancer.

We were referred to a great Oncologist here in Tulsa, but her schedule was booked for weeks. From what my Gastroenterologist passed on, they knew that timeline was not in my favor. They found another local Oncologist with a great reputation with an appointment on Friday next, a week and a day from now. I scheduled that appointment. But…

Because so many of my friends encouraged me to consider MD Anderson in Houston, we’ve taken some steps to find out what it would take for my insurance company to accommodate that. I had a great conversation with a customer service representative who guided me through the process with clarity and encouragement.

As a result, I’m keeping my original appointment, but pursuing an authorization that would allow me to go to MD Anderson as soon as possible.

How you can pray

    • Pray that the insurance authorization is quickly approved and we can make plans to get to MD Anderson quickly.
    • Pray for my pain to be alleviated. There are times when it can be quite limiting. I’m experiencing quite a bit right now.
    • Pray for our wisdom and ability in dealing with the massive amounts of paperwork and processes.
    • Pray for God to bring healing to my body.
    • Pray for God to be glorified in the lives of me and my family as we walk through this season.
    • Pray for my faith to remain strong and my testimony bold.

Thank you in advance for your prayers!

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