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Leadership and Direction within a church

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There seems to be nothing less needed, in fact, nothing more detrimental to the well being of God’s Kingdom in this world than yet another church started by, planned by, moved by, and sustained by the machinations of man.  Such an entity is a waste of time, energy, and Kingdom resources, only serving to divert those within and without from experiencing the true transformative power of God’s Kingdom on Earth.

The Kingdom and the world are in need of a body of believers whose true leader is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. It must be directed by, empowered by, and satisfied by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The earthly leadership of such a church must come from those who are deeply sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit,  conscious of its dependance on the Holy Spirit, and content in obedience to the Holy Spirit.

Such leadership, in contrast, can not be full of their own ideas, assuming that because they think something that the thought automatically came from the direction of the Holy Spirit.  As Scripture commands, such things must be “tested,” not assumed.  Further, such leadership must understand that the best efforts of men are not enough to move one soul closer to the redemption that God offers through Christ.  The only power available to the church is that given it by God’s presence.  Finally, such leadership must know that obedience to God’s direction will be the only thing that earns the “Well done” of the Father.  No earthly goals or worldly acclaim will satisfy the commission that God has always given to His people, that “obedience” is better than sacrifice.

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