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Every conversation…

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In my walk through my Christian life and the progression of thought in how the church reaches the world separated from God, my perspective on conversations has changed radically.

I used to think of conversations with those around me as an exchange.  Something from which I was looking to gain.

As I now understand that I am the church, not the organization, it is my job to reach out to those around me, rather than relying on an organization’s programs to do it.

Therefore, every conversation is now something through which I am looking to give away.

It really changes everything.

Friday night.  Jenks High School football homecoming (beat Broken Arrow 21-7, woot!) we were sitting behind a single mom and daughter.  We had never met or seen either of them.  The mom’s dad showed up after not being seen in four years.  He took the little girl, the granddaughter he had not known, for a coke. Mom shared her story, shaken.

Bonnie and I listened and encouraged.  We’re here for you.

Why you are there really changes everything.

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One Response to “Every conversation…”

  1. Michael
    on Oct 14th, 2008
    @ 9:20 am

    “How are you?” for many people is just a greeting. They really don’t want to know. It used to be my favorite greeting. I didn’t mind if folks took the opportunity to really tell me how they were but I never really expected anything but “fine”.

    I have become more intentional about my interaction with others. More than anything, God is teaching me to listen more. Truly listen…listen for opportunities to go deeper. Most folks won’t come out and spill their hearts to a stranger but I’m finding that, consciously or not, they reveal just a little if you are listening. If you show true interest in them then often they will pull back the curtain just a little. Often it isn’t much but it just wide enough that if you reflect Christ’s love and are gentle and genuine and confirm your trustworthiness then they might…in time…let you (more importantly Him in you) in a little further.

    At least this is what I am finding as I have been doing a lot of door to door visitation since coming to my new church. A lady just this last Sunday made a statement about not actively looking for a church since she moved to this town 7 years ago. My youth minister and my youth kiddo I had with me missed what I think I heard. It was just in the way she said it. I may be worng but I’m willing to bet that when I follow up with her in the coming days and when I have less of a crowd with me that she will open up about something that has happened to her that has caused her to give up on God and the church. I think it could be an opportunity to be heard…to be emotionally validated…and to hopefully begin healing and restoration.

    I know this sounds awful presumptious but this is just what God has been showing me and doing when I am willing to really listen.

    Anyway, have a wonderful day.

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