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BFM referrendum.

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I’ll post more tonight, but I think the motion passed, and did so decisively.

In depth analysis after I get back from supper with the Alabama contingent.

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6 Responses to “BFM referrendum.”

  1. Wayne Wynecott
    on Jun 12th, 2007
    @ 8:52 pm

    The HIGHLIGHT of the 2007 Annual Meeting: Travis Cottrell leading “In Christ Alone!”

  2. David Troublefield
    on Jun 12th, 2007
    @ 9:18 pm

    8500 messengers registered; 60% voting to favor the BF&M motion unammended; 5100 voting “yea” (but probably 8500 not present at the time of the vote, so fewer that 5100 votes favoring); 16 million SBCers in 43,000 churches; Dr. Kelley said it (paraphrased, even if set-up for him at the microphone): “Only the Bible itself tells completely what Southern Baptists believe in detail”.

    Let every SBCer choose the version of the BF&M statement to which he will adhere and everyone take 2 steps forward together for the cause of Christ. Why do so few get that?!

  3. Joe
    on Jun 12th, 2007
    @ 10:01 pm

    Funny that those who pushed so hard for the BFM2000 are now using recycled arguments from moderates that “the Bible is the only guide for hiring faculty we need.”

  4. Joe
    on Jun 12th, 2007
    @ 10:03 pm

    The previous post would read more clearly had I written “the Bible is the only guide we need for hiring faculty.”

  5. Trey Roberson
    on Jun 12th, 2007
    @ 10:08 pm

    Correct me if I’m wrong but in our tradition without creeds are we not still free to work out the various confessions over the years? At this point it seems you must choose between BFM 1960s and BFM 2000s. Neither one is scripture the last time I noticed. And it seems neither one is perfect. Anyway, here is hoping some clear guidance is achieved in this motion.

  6. Dave Holder
    on Jun 13th, 2007
    @ 1:05 am

    You need the Alabama contingent for analysis? I thought this was the place for “independent” analysis! :)

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