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  • Published: May 23rd, 2006
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Official 1VP Candidate

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It looks like we finally have an official candidate for 1VP of the SBC.

Keith Fordham’s name was put forward by fellow evangelist, Bill Britt of Gallatin, TN, a suburb of Nashville. Britt lauded Fordham’s qualifications in an article released to Baptist Press:

Evangelist Keith Fordham to be nominated for 1st VP.

Fordham now serves as the President of COSBE, the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists.

To my recollection, we have not had a full time evangelist serve in a national office of this type. I admit though, my recollection of the men that serve in these offices is pretty slim, so I could be way off base.

Why Keith? Why now? Why not Keith? Why not now?

Is this an opportunity to honor a long time servant with a largly ceremonial position, or is Keith Fordham the right man to lead our convention, should the President be unable to serve for an unforeseen reason?

Along with preaching revivals across the US and Canada, Fordham is an adjunct professor in Evangelism at Midwestern Seminary. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Samford, M.Div. New Orleans Seminary and a D.Min. from Immanuel Theological Seminary in Peachtree City, GA.

His membership is at Harp’s Crossing Baptist Church, Fayetteville, where he is NOT on staff. Not being on staff cuts two ways. He can neither be held responsible for
any weaknesses nor given the praise for any successes.

Their 2005 ACP reflects:

Worship Attendance of 870
Baptisms of 34
CP giving of $157,813 (10% of undesignated receipts totalling $1,570,882)
Missions spending of $387,222 include $48,265 to Lottie Moon & $26,994 to Annie Armstrong.

There is no mention of total church membership or Sunday School attendance in the article.

You can read an Feb, ’05 interview with Fordham from the Christian Index for more info:

A Georgia evangelist looks at the role of harvest evangelists in revivals.

Marty Duren raised the issue of his answer concerning invitations. It does raise an eyebrow.

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2 Responses to “Official 1VP Candidate”

  1. Benjamin S. Cole
    on May 23rd, 2006
    @ 3:05 pm

    Junior Hill of Alabama was First Veep back in the 90s. As was Jay Strack.

  2. art rogers
    on May 23rd, 2006
    @ 4:08 pm

    Thanks for the knowledge, Ben.

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